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SMART-O plug is the most advanced oil drain plug in the market, offering unique advantages of regular Oil Drain Plugs.

Your car and the environment deserve the safest and best performing components. Car owners are familiar with oil loss horror stories, where sump plug / Oil Drain Plugs fail due to mismatching, under tightening or overtightening. This often results in damaged oil pans, sudden oil loss, costly engine replacements and complicated insurance claims.

Save yourself the hassle and enjoy driving with the ultimate oil drain safety system.


Part Search

Search the right plug for your vehicle

Stops Oil Leaks & Prevent Engine Damage

Safe-sealing and anti-vibration function prevents catastrophic oil loss due to negligent installation.



Complete Range

Comprehensive range of 17 Oil Drain Plugs which cover 30,000+ models - worldwide! SMART-O is the most comprehensive solution in this area.


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Green Oil Change Solution

Offer SMART-O together with re-refined oil, long life oil filters for a greener ride, reducing environmental impact.