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SMART-O® is a safer and more effective oil drain plug (sump plug), engineered to reduce the risk of damage to the oil pan, engine damage and water pollution. The plug utilizes a innovative, patented sealing and locking mechanism which enables the plug to resist vibration and seals more effectively. Car owners and auto service professionals are both familiar with mishaps where oil drain plugs (sump plugs) are overtorqued,  under-tightened  or insufficiently tightened. This can expose lube shop operators or vehicle owners to risks for damaged oil pans, sudden oil loss, engine damage and finally costly engine replacements and insurance claims.

Save yourself the hassle and enjoy using the ultimate oil drain plug safety system. Your car and the environment deserve the safest and best performing components.

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Engine & Oil Pan Protection

A patented sealing and locking mechanism reduces the risk of loss of plug, oil leaks and catastrophic oil loss which could lead to engine damage.

When changing oil there is always a risk of human error causing negligent installation of the oil drain plug. 



Green Oil Change Solution

SMART-O® reduces the risk of engine oil leaking into water - the prime reason for water pollution.

The black coating allows the plug to be free of toxic Cr6, so it can be recycled  can be offered as part of a comprehensive green oil change solution including recycled oil and greener, long-life oil filters.


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Complete Solution & Product Range

Our system offers a more effective solution for oil drain plugs (sump plugs). Our compact kits include the complete range for a majority of vehicles for selected markets, technical reference guides and tools - everything a professional automotive service workshop needs to quickly find, manage and install the right plugs for their customers.  17 plug types cover 30,000+ models - worldwide!